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24 Apr 2013

Dunstan can offer Trainers the opportunity to have Dunstan Feeds charged through your Rural Retailer of choice but delivered direct into your stables


This direct delivery service will ensure the following benefits to you:

·         Convenience – no travel required to collect feed

·         Freshness – the Dunstan Feed delivered to your Stables will be freshly made at the Dunstan feedmills which are specialised equine feed production plants

·         Competitive pricing which reflects the streamlined delivery service


When a minimum of 400kg of Dunstan product is ordered through your Rural Retailer, this can be conveniently delivered directly to your nominated stable address. 


The 400kg order can be made up of a combination of different Dunstan feeds depending on your requirements and ensures that you always receive fresh Dunstan Product. 


Direct delivered on-farm orders are competitively priced and are directed through the Trainers preferred Rural Retailer.


To enquire about this service please contact Gretel Webber on 021 557 316 or David Smith on 027 493 1580