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10 Nov 2014


The burgeoning education initiative, the ‘Equine Industry Association’ (EIA) is set to host

its second information event in a fortnight’s time, providing valuable insight on the major

health, safety and employment issues that apply to New Zealand’s equine industry, and

how businesses can tackle them.

Scheduled to be held at Cambridge Raceway at 5pm on Tuesday 25 November 2014,

the seminar will provide equine industry participants the opportunity to listen and learn

about these hot topics currently facing businesses in the equine industry.

EIA spokesperson Alice Nunn says with regulatory changes afoot in these areas it is

imperative that businesses arm themselves with the right knowledge to deal with these


“The area of employment can be tricky to navigate for employers in our industry, and just

as importantly the Health and Safety reforms require decoding for many people as non-

compliance can have hefty consequences. We will address both these major topics and

what rules and changes will mean for businesses.”

The EIA has engaged Employment, Health and Safety specialist lawyer Erin Burke from

Norris Ward McKinnon to convene and present the discussions on:

 Employment: How to comply with obligations under the Employment Relations

Act 2000, including Employment agreements, the Trial period, dismissals and

personal grievances.

 Health & Safety: Health & Safety reform is coming 1 April 2015 and it could

affect you – Erin will outline what needs to be in place by 1 April 2015 and what

the change will mean for employers.

EIA committee member and Accountant at Candy Gillespie, Briar Carr, will discuss:

 PAYE and KiwiSaver obligations, cash payments to independent contractors and

changes to the rules around employee allowances.

The seminar is free and is open to the public. For more information or to RSVP for this

event by 21 November 2014 email or For

more information and articles on the topics to be discussed

at the seminar visit EIA’s website at: