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26 Jun 2014

The National Executive of the NZ Trainers’ Association held a meeting on Tuesday 24th June 2014. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss progress since a letter was sent on 16th May to NZTR regarding a vote of no confidence in many of the initiatives taken by the Executive and management team of NZ Thoroughbred Racing.


It was the view of the meeting that open and frank dialogue has since taken place between  the two organisations – in particular the meeting held on 28th May allowed the opportunity for views to aired and heard. A mutual understanding was gained on the difficulties faced and what can be done to alleviate some of the problems.


It is appreciated that much does go on behind closed doors, however the NZTA wishes to emphasise that transparency in communications in many cases should also be considered. Much disinformation and innuendo can be allayed with robust and transparent information being relayed. 

The Executive of NZTA is adamant that any further policies being introduced by NZTR that effect trainers and their livelihoods must go through a consultative process with NZTA.

 Disruptive action is not planned  at this stage whilst discussions in good faith continue to be undertaken.  It is understood that further meetings will be held and progress made towards improving the relationship and expectations of both organisations.