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17 May 2014

16 May 2014



Dear Boardmembers  & Executive of NZ Thoroughbred Racing,


The National Executive of the NZ Trainers’ Association held a meeting on Thursday 8th May 2014. At the meeting a vote was taken and it was unanimous that they have no confidence in many of the initiatives taken by the Executive and management team of NZ Thoroughbred Racing.


There is an apparent lack of racing knowledge within the NZTR Board which has meant irrelevant and costly policies and rules are implemented. 

There appears to be a lack of transparency and accountability in regards to administrative travel costs.

There appears to be a continual lack of support and consideration for trainers.

The NZTR Board either does not consult or ignores advice given by stakeholders.

Racing Clubs are not providing regular and safe racing/trialling surfaces. This is evidenced by the record number of abandonments in the last 12 months.

There is a lack of accountability when Racing Club personnel are at fault, compared to penalising trainers when mistakes are made.

We have raised numerous issues previously and on many occasions. These have resulted in very little action being taken as a result.


The NZTA Executive requires the following for trainers:


1. Input into all policy that impacts on trainers, their clients, staff, and horses

2. Payment for providing horses to run on raceday

3. Transparency and accountability with regard to all administrative travel and expenses including detailed analysis and reports of each venture, who travelled, and the worth to the industry

‚Äč4. All new applicants for a Full Public Licence or Permit to train require approval from the NZTA Executive prior to licence being granted


Disruptive action is planned if these concerns are not addressed in an appropriate manner and to the satisfaction of the National Executive of the NZ Trainers’ Association. This action will commence in July with trainers refusing to do Trackside interviews.  More significant disruption is planned until such time as a satisfactory resolution is achieved.


There is clearly sufficient time prior to the planned action for NZTR to attend to these issues and a mutually agreed resolution to be reached.