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04 Nov 2013

Dunstan Muscle ‘N Shine joins the quality range of Dunstan Feeds

Dunstan would like to take the opportunity to introduce Dunstan Muscle ‘n Shine to Trainers, Breeders and Owners.

Dunstan Muscle ‘n Shine is a calorie-dense supplement with a high fat and high protein specification, ideal to assist in muscle development and coat quality for all horses. It will be of particular benefit to horses being prepared for sale or those struggling to maintain body condition. 

Dunstan Muscle ‘n Shine is an extruded formulation of Soyabeans and Linseed, containing a comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement, utilising organic minerals.  The amino acids contained within the protein of soya and linseed assists with muscle development, with the Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids enhancing skin and coat quality.

Horses find Dunstan Muscle ‘n Shine highly palatable, making it a welcome addition to the diet and the ideal way to increase the calorie density of the ration when weight gain is required.   

Add Dunstan Muscle ‘n Shine to your existing ration at 250grams to 1kg daily.

Available at the beginning of December through your local Rural Retailer. 

For any enquires please contact Gretel Webber on free Phone 0800 438678 or mobile  021 557 316