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14 Oct 2013The Whangarei Racing Club meeting on Wednesday has been transferred to Avondale. Fields as published for Whangarei will not change, other than the distance for the Maiden 1600m and 2YO 880m will need to be reduced as those two starting points are currently not available at Avondale. The distances for R1 and R7 will be confirmed following an inspection of the start points by RIU Stipendiary stewards and NZTR later today.

 Trials scheduled for Whangarei for Thursday have also been cancelled. The new trials meeting that had been programmed for Cambridge tomorrow (Tuesday) will now be shifted to Thursday given the cancellation of Whangarei and the forecast for heavy rain in the region tomorrow. Nominations for Cambridge trials will now close at 12 noon Wednesday with the National Racing Bureau.

 The decision to transfer the Whangarei meeting follows a further inspection of the track today by NZTR’s Garry Foskett, RIU Stipendiary Steward Matthew Williamson and Club officials. The inspection determined that due to high winds being experienced continuing to blow large amounts of sand onto the racing surface despite measures that had been made by the Club to mitigate the problem there was too much risk in proceeding with Wednesday’s meeting at this time. NZTR’s Racing and Operations Manager David Jewell said the early decision at noon today to cancel the Whangarei meeting and transfer the races to Avondale has ensured that Wednesday’s meeting will be held. “By shifting the trials to Cambridge on Thursday, rather than Tuesday as planned,  trainers will have a replacement option now that Whangarei trials have also been cancelled.”