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25 Sep 2013

An exciting new addition to the Dunstan Range!!!

Dunstan is delighted to launch its latest product to NZ horse owners :


“Dunstan Betabeet Flakes”

non- molassed, rapid-soaking, beet pulp flakes.


Horse owners all around the country know what a fantastic feed source beet pulp is for their horses.  This natural superfibre is unique to other traditional fibre sources due to its higher calorie level.  However, beet pulp still provides the same great benefits of fibre for maintaining a horse’s digestive health. 


The higher calorie level of beet pulp means it is suitable for improving body condition or as an alternative energy source for working horses.  As a fibre source it is non-heating and can therefore be an ideal feed option to be included into the ration of grain-sensitive horses.


When horses have restricted access to pasture beet pulp provides an alternative fibre source to ensure their minimum daily requirement for fibre is met.  Ensuring a horse’s fibre requirements are satisfied is vital for their digestive health and assisting to reduce the risk of colic and gastric ulcers.


Dunstan Betabeet Flakes embodies all the great benefits of feeding a non-molassed beet to horses with the added convenience of being ready in 10mins or quicker! 

Dunstan Betabeet will soak in 10mins in cold water, or if you have access to hot water, this time can be reduced ensuring great convenience and ease of use.


If you would like a sample of Dunstan Betabeet Flakes please email or call 0800 438 678