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28 Jan 2013

The Board of New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) has removed the $50 (excluding GST) nomination fee from all races below rating 75 from 1 March 2013. There will be no nomination or acceptance fees for horses that nominate, accept and start in all maiden, rating 65, non-black-type two-year-old, three-year-old, four-year-old, and special conditions races.


NZTR Chairman, Matthew Goodson, stated: “Removing nomination fees from lower tier races will provide direct savings of more than $1.2 million to Owners each year.”


“This decision follows the New Zealand Racing Board’s (NZRB) very welcome announcement of an increase in its forecast profit for FY13 and a projected increase in distributions to the three Racing Codes of $135 million (from $134 million), and continues our phased new structure of racing and prizemoney, which we started in March 2012, designed to maximize field sizes for domestic and international wagering across the week, and to encourage ownership.”


Neil Oldfield, President of the New Zealand Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners Federation (NZTROF) expressed his delight and support, on behalf of owners, for this initiative: “The NZTR Board must be congratulated for following through on their stated intent to remove nomination fees for these races and to reduce owners costs, and the NZRB Board for increasing its profitability and pay-out to the industry.”


“New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing has delivered on its aim, set out in its 2013-15 Business Plan, to reduce owner costs by supporting some elements of free racing.”